In a process I call SUMMANTICS, I designate a numerical equivalent to each letter of the alphabet according to its alphabetical position...


Like Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, I unravel by night, creating webs that can be worn. I call these long, lacy garments created from ordinary t-shirts "Ballgowns"...

Body Language

East meets West in this conflation of Summantics with acupuncture; a system on a system. I use the actual numerical points depicted on Chinese acupuncture charts...

String of Words

String of Words

When one enters a new environment and overhears bits and pieces of conversation the thread of meaning is often lost.  The overheard, isolated words require the imagination to create some sense of the story.

Drawing Borders

Maps are abstractions of larger spaces. They reduce information to a scale more susceptible to understanding. My work takes on the planet from different angles. I depict...


Snow storms, wind, and rain cause the electronic signal on my television to disintegrate.  I photograph the beautiful chaos that ensues. These works demonstrate the breakdown of technology...

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